July 25-26, 2014, University of Wisconsin - Madison

July 25-26, 2014

DrupalCamp Wisconsin is a two day, community-organized event for people who love the interwebs. Both days will be packed with multi-track sessions about Drupal. Sessions will cover basic to advanced topics with plenty in between. The camp will be held on the UW-Madison Campus at Rennebohm Hall, School of Pharmacy.


DrupalCamp WI Welcomes Bryan Ollendyke as Featured Speaker

We are excited to have Bryan Ollendyke come to DrupalCamp Wisconsin to present the keynote session on Friday July 25th. Bryan heads up the ELMS initiative at Penn State University, one of the most prominent Drupal-based learning management system (LMS) solutions, and is a long-time Drupal developer and advocate.

This is an especially relevant and timely chance to hear Bryan talk about the future of Drupal and ELMS as an example of how open source software solutions are changing the model of development right here in Wisconsin to promote universal access, redistribution, and collaboration among public organizations. As part of a recent grant-backed initiative at the University of Wisconsin Law School, a new ELMS Learning Network collaboration has just been kicked off and will continue to build upon the opportunities for partnership between UW and PSU to share resources for their mutual benefit and the benefits of other institutions.

Bryan re-recorded his talk because of how unique it is. https://drupal.psu.edu/content/drupal-singularity-digital-activism-and-s... for more information.

How to Submit a Session for DrupalCamp

If you would like to propose a session for DrupalCamp Wisconsin, we welcome you to submit your ideas for the event.

You can check out the list of sessions that have already been submitted.

  1. If you haven’t already done so, register first for the camp
  2. Login on the site (Log In link in upper right)
  3. Go to Sessions and select “Propose a session”
  4. Enter the title of your session
  5. Provide a brief description of your session
  6. Select the experience level of your session (who is it targeted for: Beginner, Site Builder, Developer, N/A)
  7. Then submit

That’s all there is to it.

Tips for submitting a session:

  • Give a brief overview of what your session is about
  • State who the session is targeted for (the type of audience)
  • Indicate what the audience can expect to learn from your session